Apple recently released the “Mother Nature” ad, showcasing its environmental commitments and attempting to subtly convey its social responsibilities through the chosen actors. While this video is well-polished, it serves as an illustration of the

What Is Environmental Activism and Why Does It Matter?  What comes to mind when you hear ‘environmental activists’? Most probably, Greta Thunberg – one of the world’s most popular activists – comes to mind. We

Stakeholder management is a critical component of any sustainable business strategy. It involves identifying and engaging with all stakeholders who are affected by a company’s activities, decisions, and outcomes. In the past, companies focused mainly on

Companies are now urged to embed sustainability in their business model and act responsibly while demonstrating its impact on the world. We are in the era of the so-called ‘stakeholders capitalism’, where businesses prioritize not

The world is changing, and we must change with it. Every day we are seeing new problems arising, from climate change to social inequality, and it’s becoming increasingly important for businesses to act responsibly to