Culture and Entertainment in Driving Climate Action

The Power of Creativity for Climate Action

Climate change affects all industries, including the creative space, which not only needs to decarbonize its operations but also holds a responsibility in the stories it tells—the power it entails in the fight against climate change. Gunjan Nanda and Ninoksha D’souza, two inspiring climate activists, addressed this crucial topic at COP28 within the Culture and Entertainment Pavilion.

In this episode, you will gain insights on:

  • The importance of culture and entertainment in driving climate action.
  • Our guests personal climate stories and experiences at COP28 while running the Entertainment and Culture Pavilion.
  • Why climate storytelling matters and how it can drive change.
  • Advice for you to explore more climate stories.

Guest Bio:

Gunjan Nanda is the Co-founder of Dubai Climate Collective, a Community Facilitator, and a key member of the Founding & Convening Team for Entertainment and Culture for Climate Action (ECCA). Aligned with the UNFCCC and the Paris Climate Agreement, Gunjan’s responsibilities include global inclusion efforts, crafting a decarbonization roadmap for the entertainment sector, and catalyzing climate action through art and narrative power. As the Co-founder and Director of the Entertainment + Culture Foundation, Gunjan recently organized the foundation’s inaugural E+C pavilion at COP28 in Dubai.

Ninoksha D’souza is a dedicated climate activist and sustainability strategist with over a decade of experience at the intersection of sustainability communications and the creative industry. As the Operations Coordinator at the Entertainment and Culture Pavilion during COP28, she plays a crucial role in connecting the creative sector with global climate goals. Ninoksha’s expertise includes upskilling the advertising industry in climate communications, leading sustainable campaigns for various agencies, and fostering responsible advertising frameworks as a strategy director.