From Fashion Industry to Building Natural Cleaning Products

From Fashion to Formulation

Welcome to another enlightening episode of Impact Talk! We feature Ruby, the co-founder of The Botanist, a UAE-based company offering toxin-free plant-based and refillable home care products.  Ruby’s journey began with a desire to create a safe cleaning environment for her children, and quickly blossomed into a thriving purpose-driven business.

In this episode, you will gain insights on:

  • Ruby’s journey from personal necessity to entrepreneurial success.
  • Mission to create natural, eco-friendly home care solutions.
  • Commitment to transparency and sustainability in product development.
  • Vision for expanding the business across the GCC and beyond.

Guest Bio:

Ruby is the co-founder of The Botanist, a pioneering brand offering toxin-free, plant-based home care products. With a background in nutrition and a keen eye for eco-innovation, Ruby embarked on a mission to create safe, sustainable alternatives to chemical-laden cleaning products. Through her dedication to transparency and commitment to environmental stewardship, Ruby is inspiring change one household at a time.